I went to the time management course they taught in Woodinville about a year ago.  It was time well spent!  Very helpful friendly and knowledgeable staff.  You start right away implementing the time management strategies and plan that they teach.  Their teaching style is easy to follow and the group was dynamic and entertaining.  I put together a system that I am still using now over a year a later with good results.  I definitely recommend their classes.  I also had Bob help me with setting up my outlook email system so I could use it to the best of my advantage to organize my communications and streamline my time spent in front of email.

Great advice for business owners looking to take it to the next level.  Bob has a very well rounded approach to help you focus on your goals and how to achieve them with less stress!

Julia MeekAmerican Family Insurance

I have owned and run my own veterinary house call business for over 10 years, but felt I was floundering a little with the changes in the economy and the addition of cat boarding, which is a new service for our practice. Bob Rash has been very helpful, providing concrete, easy to follow steps to get my business on track. He is both generous with his time and kind to boot, staying well over our scheduled meeting time to help me deal with a very unpleasant employee issue this past week. He also provides written materials to help keep me on track, which is very useful and has advised me across the board in regards to my business-financially, managerially, and in regards to marketing.

I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for some expert, outside guidance with their company, big or small. You may feel free to contact me about his services should you need any further information.

Dr. EkstromAt Home Vet

Bob and Jeanie Rash made the process of marketing a small business on a small budget amazingly clear in their seminar. In addition to leading you through creating a marketing plan, they also present over 100 tools for small entrepreneurs to use, many of which are free, and how to use them in the most effective way to improve visibility and attract more customers. I came out of the class with a marketing plan and calendar ready to implement immediately, and with a clear idea of how my strengths and weaknesses as a person and a business owner could impact that plan. Marketing went from seeming like a daunting task to a thoughtful, well-organized, easy-to-manage process. I would absolutely recommend their marketing seminar to any small business owner. Jean Lowe Carlson, ND

Jean Lowe Carlson, NDRadiant Naturopathic Wellness Clinic

In working with Bob Rash of Sound Business Development during the recent Guerilla Marketing Jumpstart class that was offered, I not only received quality instruction but also a wonderful approach to marketing that was already in line with my belief system and abilities.

Being a small business owner can be isolating in many ways but through Bob’s class, I received support and encouragement to seek out others and build a support system for my business and myself.  Through weekly meetings with Bob, I now have a business plan, marketing calendar and brilliant strategies to measure my effectiveness.

It is the encouragement and support that Bob innately offers that empowers me to continue to strive forward and reach the goals that I have developed for my business and do so joyfully, knowing that it will make a difference for my business.

Thank you, Bob!

As a new business owner, one of the toughest things to do is to spend money on advertising.  You know you need to do it to grow the business, but the thought of spending money on advertising that may or may not work is a hard thing to swallow when cash flow is tight.

Through Bob and Jeanie, I had heard that Guerrilla Marketing was an effective way to market your business without having to invest a lot of time and money.   I became curious and decided to take one of their jumpstart classes.

I am so glad that I did!  The class was very informative and gave me a lot of new ideas. Besides the weapons that Bob brought to light, I was also able to get my juices flowing and was reenergized to get some marketing underway.

The small intimate group setting also gave me a chance to meet other business owners, get constructive feedback and create an opportunity to Fusion Market with a few of them.

I would highly recommend this class as well as working with Bob and Jeanine.  Sound Business Development is really there to help the small business to become successful.

The Guerilla Marketing class really helped me to focus on the benefits of our organization and to define our niche. That list of marketing weapons is awesome. We created our own document by refining some of the suggestions, adding our own and deleting the ones that don’t apply. Then we divided them up amongst our board and are still farming some out to volunteers. My assistant and I have blocked out an appointment a week, specifically to talk about marketing.

Susan JenkinsNorthwest Art Center

I’ve been working with Bob for several months now and I consider him my personal trainer for my business. Bob has been instrumental in helping me sift through the marketing and advertising of my business. My main focus is to grow my business and Bob has helped me, step by step. I recommend Bob for any business owner who needs “help” in running their business. He will help you become more efficient, help you grow your business and above all enjoy being a business owner.

Myrissa YamashiroAnytime Fitness - Redmond Ridge

I had the opportunity to have Bob Rash be my business coach at the end of 2008. During our time working together, Bob gave me business insight, tools, and direction. A fresh set of eyes and ears forced me to step outside the box and look at my company in a different way. His coaching expertise helped bring my company through 2009 and one of the toughest years for business. I would recommend any business owner, no matter how long they have been in business, to work with Bob. You will definitely gain business knowledge from working with Sound Business Development and Bob.

Chariese AdamsWoodinville Escrow, Inc.

Bob has done a great job helping to problem-solve and streamline our business over the past several months. His clear, methodical approach is easy to learn. Bob is great at encouraging us when we get stressed or overwhelmed. He is great at identifying the source of the problem and brainstorming realistic solutions. We highly recommend Bob as a business coach! Bob is a man of strong character and integrity and he will definitely help you grow your business… and not just be stuck doing a job!!

Gregg and Kelley LydayClear View Gutters