Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is low cost, high impact marketing that uses time, energy and imagination instead of a big marketing budget. This training helps small businesses produce a customized Marketing Plan and Marketing Calendar.

This is a 6 hour seminar where you will learn:

  • What is holding you back from implementing a successful marketing campaign
  • Requirements for successful marketing
  • Over 100 Marketing weapons available at little or no cost
  • How to write a seven step marketing plan.
  • How to create a marketing calendar
  • How to track your marketing efforts
  • How to present yourself professionally
  • How to look good on the web

The class will meet for a total of 6 hours, divided into two to four sessions. At the end of the class you will have a completed marketing plan and calendar. These two tools will give you clear steps on how to market your business.

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What Guerrilla Marketing Graduates are saying:

“As a new business owner one of the toughest things to do is spend money on advertising. You know you need to do it to grow the business, but the thought of spending money on advertising that may or mayn’t work is a hard thing to swallow when cash flow is tight. Through Bob and Jeanie I had heard that Guerrilla Marketing was an effective way to market your business without having to invest a lot of time and money. I became curious and decided to take one of their jumpstart classes. I am so glad that I did! The class was very informative and gave me a lot of new ideas. Besides the weapons that Bob brought to light I was also able to get my juices flowing and was reenergized to get some marketing underway. The small intimate group setting also gave me a chance to meet other business owners, get constructive feedback and create an opportunity to Fusion Market with a few of them. I would highly recommend this class as well as working with Bob and Jeanine. Sound Business Development is really there to help the small business to become successful.”
Kelly Lems | Owner | HomeWorks by Kelly


“The Guerilla Marketing class really helped me to focus on the benefits of our organization and to define our niche. That list of marketing weapons is awesome. We created our own document by refining some of the suggestions, adding our own and deleting the ones that don’t apply. Then we divided them up amongst our board and are still farming some out to volunteers. My assistant and I have blocked out an appointment a week, specifically to talk about marketing.”

Susan Jenkins – Director – Northwest Art Center