Jean Lowe Carlson, ND

Bob and Jeanie Rash made the process of marketing a small business on a small budget amazingly clear in their seminar. In addition to leading you through creating a marketing plan, they also present over 100 tools for small entrepreneurs to use, many of which are free, and how to use them in the most effective way to improve visibility and attract more customers. I came out of the class with a marketing plan and calendar ready to implement immediately, and with a clear idea of how my strengths and weaknesses as a person and a business owner could impact that plan. Marketing went from seeming like a daunting task to a thoughtful, well-organized, easy-to-manage process. I would absolutely recommend their marketing seminar to any small business owner. Jean Lowe Carlson, ND

Jean Lowe Carlson, NDRadiant Naturopathic Wellness Clinic