Dr. Ekstrom

I have owned and run my own veterinary house call business for over 10 years, but felt I was floundering a little with the changes in the economy and the addition of cat boarding, which is a new service for our practice. Bob Rash has been very helpful, providing concrete, easy to follow steps to get my business on track. He is both generous with his time and kind to boot, staying well over our scheduled meeting time to help me deal with a very unpleasant employee issue this past week. He also provides written materials to help keep me on track, which is very useful and has advised me across the board in regards to my business-financially, managerially, and in regards to marketing.

I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for some expert, outside guidance with their company, big or small. You may feel free to contact me about his services should you need any further information.

Dr. EkstromAt Home Vet