Why Network?

Why_Network Networking is a cost effective way of putting your business on the map and expanding it. More people in your network means more exposure for your products/services.  You will also expand your sphere of influence as you connect large numbers of people to your network and have the opportunity to connect to their network. The more you network effectively the more you will become the “Go-To” person.

Becoming a Master Networker

To become a Master Networker, you must be passionate about helping people achieve their dreams.

There are two ways to approach networking:


I am going to be SO INTERESTING by what I say, how I look, how well I talk about my product or service, and exude so much charisma that people will be so impressed that they will want my product or service NOW and will tell everyone they know about it! I will just get better and better and better at this and inevitably become rich and successful. Result? You might as well try to win the lottery.


I will be SO INTERESTED in everyone I talk to, in what they do, in what they need now, in their dream, that I will inevitably create abundance for everyone I meet by connecting them to the people and groups that will contribute to their success. I will get better and better and better at this and inevitably help others become rich and successful. I will not expect anything directly back from anyone I help. But as I am wise enough to see that this path will surely guarantee my business, financial and personal success, I will become fulfilled in all areas of life. Result: A wide open door of willingness to buy your product or service, or connect you with someone who will.

If you focus on being INTERESTING you will actually be mostly unseen and unheard. If you focus on being INTERESTED and deliver valuable help, the door will swing wide open to being seen and heard.


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