Character Traits of Successful People

Reaching for Success

I had a conversation with a client recently that made me stop and think about my own performance and attitude. Our conversation centered on why some people seem so much more successful than others.  What we discussed was a few simple character traits that seemed to contribute to their overall success:

Drive Hard: a sense of urgency. They seemed to have a very high commitment to achieving their goals. It was more than just ‘not accepting NO for an answer’. These people seem to have an internal vision or knowledge. Something that drives them. It is not fear – it is the pursuit of the idea and a healthy dose of faith. They have the faith to believe or know that somehow things will work.
Work Hard: these people also seem to possess a compulsive drive. They see the goal – a vision, sense of what can be achieved. They are so focused and committed to the goal that it seems they will let nothing stop, hinder or interfere. Truth is they are so committed to achieving the goal they see nothing else.

Play Hard: having fun while doing business is good. After working hard, they take time to look after themselves, enjoy life and have some fun. It is a sign of good mental health and indicates balance.

Finish Well: anyone can start well or sprint. These people finish what they start. They leave nothing left undone. They have endurance. They might appear to be perfectionists – actually they just want to finish what they started. And finish it well!
The difference between success and failure is often just a short distance away – the finish line! When you run a race, why quit 10 feet from the finish line? The truth is you need endurance to finish the race. All you might need is a little encouragement to finish well.

Surround yourself with driven, focused and passionate people. Ask them to mentor, coach and keep you accountable. Because, you are going to work hard and put in the time – why not maximize the results?

Carpe Diem! Seize the day!


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