Color Cop, a Marketing Weapon


As a small business owners we are not always able to hire designers to build our fliers, brochures or items we post on the web.  These items can be great marketing weapons and help you attract more prospects.  If you learn to use Publisher (or any similar product) to design and create your own material you will be able to produce high quality fliers, brochures and advertisements for all of your events and/or promotions.  Investing a few hours to learn how to create this material yourself can not only save you lots of money, but will enable you to promote more specials and events.

Another advantage to knowing how to create your own material is the speed at which you can create it.  This skill will enable you to create and customize promotions for any segment of your client base.

Color Cop is a free utility I found that has been very useful in the creation of marketing material. Color Cop allows you to match colors.  Let’s say you are creating a flyer and you have started with a picture and you want some of the text on the page to match a color in the picture.  This becomes very easy with Color Cop, you just drag the eye dropper over the color in the picture you want to match and Color Cop displays the RGB Value of the color plus the HTML hex value.  Depending on your application you simply enter this value for the color of your text and you have an exact color match.

You can learn more about Color Cop and down load it


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