Becoming “Stalkable”, How Are Your Online Profiles?

becoming-stalkable-how-are-your-online-profiles-1In my last article, I asked the question, are you “Stalkable”? (If you have not read that article you can find it here.) In a nutshell, your online presence helps prospects learn to “Know, Like and Trust” you enough to consider using your product or service.

In this article, we will look at what you can do to make sure prospects can find out enough information about you so they are comfortable contacting you.

Remember, as a professional, you want to allow prospects to get to know you via your online activities and public profiles. Let’s take a look at on line activities that will allow your prospects to get to know you better.

First off, we are going to limit this discussion to information a prospect can find out about you without you having to give them permission. Examples would include:

  • What you are posting on a Facebook Like Page
  • Any articles you are writing and posting on line
  • Public profiles
    • Biznik
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Meetup
    • Twitter
    • Google Profiles

There are many other places you can have a public profile, I have just listed a few here. The information you include should be chosen with the intent to develop the prospects sense of who you are – to allow them to Know Like and Trust you. Let’s break this down further into some concrete strategies you can employ.

How people get to Know you – your profile information becoming-stalkable-how-are-your-online-profiles-2

Take your time and complete all of the profile. Remember, if someone is taking the time to look at your profile they could be thinking about purchasing one of your products or services.

As you complete your profile you want to write it like you are talking to a prospect. Provide the information prospects would want to know about you before they purchase your products or services.

I would recommend that you revisit your profiles once a quarter and update them. Include answers to questions to you are currently hearing from prospects.

Remember the purpose of the profile is to introduce yourself to someone without you being present. The better written your profile is, the more likely someone is to contact you.

That is it for now, next time we will look at establishing like and trust with your online presence.