Becoming “Stalkable” – Pictures and Blogs

This is my third and final post on becoming “Stalkable”. 

The first post Are you “Stalkable” How’s your online Presence? talked about why you want to be professionally “Stalkable”. 

The second one Becoming “Stalkable”, How are your online profiles? looked at how Facebook ‘Like’ pages, Biznik, LinkedIn and others are a great way to allow prospects to get to Know you.

So let’s continue by looking in to the ways we build up the areas of Like and Trust

becoming-Stalkable–pictures-and-blogs-1Like – Recognition

Whenever you create a profile on a website do you include a picture? People find it hard to like someone they cannot visualize. Be sure your picture is current. Significant weight gain or loss can drastically alter facial features. Changes in hair color and length can also affect someone’s ability to recognize you.

Have you ever looked at someone’s picture on line and then when you meet them you do not recognize them because the picture is 10 or 20 years old? I have. In my case, I was looking for a group and the host did not look anything like her picture, so I was not able to join the group right away. I wandered around the restaurant for about 10 minutes before I found the group. How do you think this experience impacted my first impression of this person?

Be sure your picture enables someone to recognize you when you meet in person. A professional head shot is best, but at least make it a current picture.

becoming-Stalkable–pictures-and-blogs-2Trust – the key to a satisfied customer

Articles and blog posts are a great tool for helping prospects get comfortable doing business with you. You can convey your personality, business philosophy and your passion for what you do in a manner that builds trust by sharing your insights.

Many business owners are afraid they aren’t “good enough” at writing to attempt this, but being genuine and writing just how you would talk to a person face to face is really very effective in developing trust. Sharing your experiences, business knowledge or even explaining how you got into business or why you are passionate about what you do can help build trust.

Remember, people buy from those they know, like and trust. Using your web presence strategically can help prospects “Stalk” you online paving the way for easier sales.


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